The Anomaly!  continued

This photo shows the gigantic size of the anomaly relative to the houses in the background. I hope the Hunts bundled up well because it was quite cold out when they took these photos. Our appreciation go out to both of them for their contributions. 

This photo was taken by Mr. Joseph Srsnick who is a member of the Will County Historic Preservation Commission. Joseph has had forty years working in the archaeological field and has many stories to tell. Joseph was involved in an excavation in New Lenox, a town not too far from here, when a developer ran into several burials. It turned out to be a rather large village site with many storage pits and houses. Note the steep drop from the anomaly on the right into the corn field on the left. Any farmer around here will tell you that this cannot be constructed with typical farming equipment. My thanks to Joseph for trudging out in the cold and snow to get these photos, but most of all for his interest in the archaeology of eastern Will County.

This photo, also taken by Mr. Srsnick, is a view looking south and shows another steep
drop in the lay of the land. The trees in the background are from the "borrow pit" as it
is now being called. 

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