Peotone: The Collections
The Dan and Karen Anker Collection
Dan and Karen Anker have been farming in Peotone for approximately 35 years and have provided this area with wonderful, fresh vegetables for most of that time.  They had been farming for about ten years when they found their first point while cutting asparagus and Dan put the artifact upon a windowsill in the barn, which was the first mistake. 

Along came their two young sons, Rob and Jim, and they proceeded to place the point in a vice, applying pressure till the artifact could take no more.  You guessed it.....smashed to smithereens.  Well, these two young lads never did that trick again and they’ve never lived it down either as the parents love to tell the story. 

Once the family realized there were sites and artifacts on their property the hunt began and the following collection is what they have found in the last twenty-five years.......minus one. 

Their Paleo artifacts are being documented in a study of Paleo sites found within the state of Illinois, and particularly the Chicago area. 

Unfortunately, this was the last year that the Ankers will provide this area with home-grown vegetables as Dan has decided to retire, much to everyone’s dismay.  We will miss all that fresh produce but thank him and Karen for sharing their collection with us.

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