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The Bisping Collection
Mr. John Bisping was born in Beecher Illinois and moved to Peotone when he was very young. After growing up, he continued with farming just as his father had before him. He collected these artifacts throughout his farming days until he retired and built a house in town about 1985.

Barbara Oliver, John's daughter, had always admired the collection of Indian artifacts that her dad had kept safely in his possession for years and years. While visiting her dad one day, he asked her to take the garbage with her when she left.  Though she thought this request a little unusual she gladly agreed to do so. Good thing she didn't toss the "garbage" in the closest garbage can. It's also great that she checked the contents of the brown "garbage" bag before tossing it. Luckily, Barb has kept the contents of the famous "garbage bag"......the artifacts that she had always admired and is so proud of today. Mr. Bisping will be 93 years old this coming April and we sure hope he gets to see his collection on this site.

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