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The Buchanan Collection

Robert Buchanan grew up in Crete, Illinois and still resides in what was once his grandparentís house.  He found his first arrowhead on the baseball diamond while attending school at Crete Elementary.  From then on he always watched the ground wherever he went whether it was to visit neighbors, relatives or friends, or out hunting squirrels and rabbits. 

Over the years he acquired quite a few artifacts ranging from Paleo unifaces to Madison points.  Mr. Buchanan decided about three years ago to pass his collection on to someone he knew would care about the artifacts and the stories they can tell, and now we would both like to share them with you.

Robert Buchanan is my uncle and he is the man responsible for teaching me how to find a site and instilling in me interest in Native American history and their artifacts and I would like to thank him for that, and for now being the proud caretaker of his collection. 

Thanks Uncle Robert.......
to date it has been the only way for me to acquire any axes, celts or pestles.......I havenít found any...yet..............
Iím still looking. 

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