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The Dubbert Collection
Pictured at left is August Dubbert with two of his horses, Tom and Dick. Mr. and Mrs. Dubbert are pictured in the center photo and he looks to me to be just about ready to bust out in laughter. August Dubbert is the farmer who collected all these artifacts and he has quite an array of items.

Mr. and Mrs. Dubbert's son, Vernon, is pictured at right. The photo was taken in 1944 while Vern was serving his country. This photo was taken before he met his wife, Betty. He did say he had a girlfriend at the time... a local native where he was stationed... she wore a grass skirt... and that was all... as he grinned telling me this little tidbit.

My thanks go to Vern for letting us show his father's collection and for all the entertaining little quips he's thrown out over the years. Mr. Vernon Dubbert is one charming Peotonite and the ladies just love him! I swear, this man gets more hugs and smooches from the women than any other man I know... and he just grins and bears it!

Margo Hupe

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