Peotone: The Collections
Vern and Paul Geiss Collection
Vern Geiss moved to Peotone about 1954 and has been farming here ever since.  When he was younger, he and his son, Paul, would hunt their fields for artifacts.  Many times Paul hunted the neighboring property as both areas contained nice low spots where water stood many years before and sites are all around them. 

Vern has retired from farming and works part time mowing grass at the sod farm and gave me a good tip..........he told me to go look right after they had removed sod and that sometimes you can find artifacts then.  He was right, it pays to follow in the wake of the sod cutter and each time I find a point or scraper this way it amazes me that the blade of the cutter hasnít damaged the artifact, just skims over it. 

Although Vern no longer gets out and hunts for rocks anymore he has agreed to show everyone the artifacts that he and his son have found over the years.

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