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A number of years ago Tony and Lori Glazik built their house where once stood one of the first one-room schoolhouses in Peotone.  Long before the schoolhouse stood upon this rise some unknown people also lived there and while Lori was digging around her flowers (pictured) she happened to find what was left of an ancient point they left behind.  Though it has sustained quite a bit of ancient damage, and some new, it still can speak to us over the ages.  The point has left-hand beveling and is made from nice material.  Is it a Hardin, a Kirk or a Dovetail, you be the judge. For now we’re calling it Early Archaic and it is a good example of people in this area trying to help put the ancient story together and every little bit helps.  As to the new damage incurred, someone in their house by the name of ‘I don’t know’ seems to have dropped the point and it broke in half, however, we glued it together again.  Thanks go to Tony and Lori for sharing their find, it is much appreciated and now we can somewhat date their site.
Margo Hupe
This battered Hardin blade was found while Lori was digging in the flower-bed shown just behind her.  The terraserver image to the right is marked as to the location of the find.
Stone Sweet
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