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The following artifacts were all found on either our sod farm or adjacent property on our square mile section and, as you can see, represent many different periods of habitation.  Many artifacts that have been found by previous owners and hunters are long-gone and we will never have the history that each artifact represents.  One can only imagine some of the beautiful artifacts that must have been found by the earliest settlers to this area when they first turned the ground while walking behind their team of horses or mules.
Margo Hupe

 This section’s relics seem to indicate of a greater Late Archaic occupation than has been seen in other local assemblages. The Brewerton typology’s origins lie towards the New England states. The primary criteria for occupation during the Late Archaic period seems to have been access to sufficient freshwater—which became less available as the land changed in the wake of the retreating glaciers. By the transitional phase of the late Archaic/Woodland Period, the land was significantly drier. Freshwater sources still existed, and these must have been focal points for inhabitation of the region. 

Stone Sweet
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