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Harold Koelling has been farming this area most of his life and is now retired.  The artifacts that he has not given away to his grandchildren he graciously let us scan so they could be documented.  Harold found these on what is presently a sod farm that contains one known Paleo site and I believe that the very thin uniface was more than likely found on that site but we may never know for sure.  Many points in this area do not fit neatly into any point “types” and a good example is the nice butterscotch colored point.  It doesn’t exactly fit the Kirk family as the base is highly ground and it doesn’t look like a Dove either so it remains without a name for the time being.  Thanks go to Harold for sharing his remaining artifacts. 
Margo Hupe
The outstanding artifacts here are the Uniface blades, most likely of Paleo-era age, and in most cases considered rare finds. The volume of Paleo-era artifacts turning up in the fields in Will County indicate of a higher level of occupation during this period than had previously been thought…

All named projectile points in this frame are Early Archaic in age, others, due to typological uncertainties, have remained un-named here.

Stone Sweet
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