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Diane and George Johnson moved from Alsip, Illinois to have the peace and quiet that rural life provides.  They are shown in front of the house they built and George insisted on wearing his “favorite T-shirt” for picture taking. 

The three artifacts that were found on or near their property is a prime example of difficulty in assigning a specific point typology to many of the artifacts in our area.  Many artifacts can be crudely made, possibly by some long-ago person learning to knap, or someone that simply never acquired the ability to produce well-made tools and points, or even someone who was just in a hurry and had a bad piece of chert material to work with in the first place.  Also a problem is dealing with so many artifacts that have sustained either ancient or modern damage, such as the points pictured above, although having the base of a point is more determinant than the top half.  Add to this the fact that the northeastern portion of Illinois lacks study so many of our points are not found in resource books and this becomes another problem in assigning point typology.  That said, two of the three artifacts shall remain without a typology and the third, the white partial point shown in the middle, is possibly a Kirk.  I say “possibly” because it is actually more of a unifacial artifact- the back has only edgework........interesting point made from a thin flake of Burlington Chert. 

Margo Hupe
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