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The Oehlerking Collection
Mr. Alfred Oehlerking has lived all his life on the farm his father worked for many years. Mr. Oehlerking has collected artifacts throughout his many years of farming, just as had  his dad. Both his and his father's finds are shown in this collection.

Mr. Oehlerking had all his items in boxes and paint cans in his garage. Claude Werner and I went over to look the items over and we found quite a few Paleo artifacts, though no diagnostic point. I brought the artifacts home, cleaned them up, and placed them in some frames so Mr. Oehlerking can better show off his proud finds.

I think next time around it should be Claude's turn to clean the artifacts, don't you?

Our heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Oehlerking for sharing his collection.

Margo Hupe

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