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Paleo Site Artifacts
My name is Margo Hupe and I moved to Peotone, Illinois when I married Roger way back in 1967 and we have been living here ever since.  We built a house upon a hill on one of our sod farms in 1976 and it wasn’t until the following Spring, after our front yard had been worked up and rained upon, that I saw all the hundreds of flakes and chunks of material left behind by earlier peoples. 

I found two points before the grass grew and never thought too much of it, except that I thought it was really neat to be living upon an ancient camp, as I was busy raising two children and had a pottery business.  I met Wendy Harris in 1966 while she was conducting a preliminary archaeological study of this area.  Since our ground was all in sod she asked if I would take a look for her and if I found anything of importance to give her a call. 

Well........ take a look at the artifacts that were found on what is now one of the sites that is recommended for further study, and this is what started my journey into the study of artifacts in this area.

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