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The Willard Pauling Collection
This is the first collection of artifacts to be presented that were found around Monee, Illinois and Mr. Willard Pauling was kind enough to share them with us. Mr. Pauling’s great grandfather, Dietrich, settled in Monee in 1850. His son, Henry, farmed the land and then Henry’s son, George Pauling, continued with the family tradition. This collection consists of artifacts that Willard and his father, George Pauling collected over the years.
As you can see, we start off with a classic Clovis, though minus a bit of the base. It is made from Attica Chert, as is the Paleo knife shown to the right of the Clovis. Third in the row is a unifacial knife and last is a Paleo-Transition or Early Archaic knife. The remaining artifacts are representative of various cultural periods.
Margo Hupe

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