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The Schultz Collection
Don Schultz has farmed the same land that his father did before him and his grandparents were farmers in the next town north of us, Monee, Illinois.  Long before this area was settled by Euro-Americans there were other farmers in this area, and long before them the hunter/gatherers roamed this land.   Don has collected artifacts for as long as he has been farming and I had seen many of these artifacts quite a long time ago.  When I called Don to see if we could scan his artifacts he informed me that he had them out in antique shops so we went about gathering them in and bringing them back home. 

Don had a bannerstone at one time but, unfortunately it has been sold.  We feel very lucky that we have saved what we could of his collection and now present it here. 

Don hopes you enjoy looking at the artifacts as much as he has enjoyed finding them over the years. 

Margo Hupe
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