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The Werner Collection
About two years ago Claude Werner was sitting across from my husband and I at one of the local restaurants in Peotone.  Claude proceeded to grab my copy of Noel Justice’s book Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points and asked me what I was reading.  As he started asking more questions, while thumbing through the book, it became apparent that he was quite interested. 

Claude is also retired but keeps busy playing golf and looking for artifacts amongst other endeavors.  Claude managed to find two axes in the first six months of looking, practically next to his house, and continually rubs it in that I haven’t found any to date. 

While Claude used to let others hunt his property the rules have changed since finding some rather nice pieces and he is now thoroughly enjoying the quest for knowledge on his family farm.  Claude’s property also has a Paleo site on it and he is helping to document sites in this area.  Claude is shown with his wife, Etta and one of his grandchildren.

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