Steve Ashley is an example for all of us to follow. This man of many talents found a site most would slather over, but he avoided the temptation to dig on city land, and so he reported the site to the proper authorities. Steve's been wandering Walnut Creek for years, surface hunting, and mapping out the details of the creek. The city of Austin calls him the "unnofficial steward of Walnut Creek."

Steve's integrity forced him to report the most exceptional surface find he's likely ever to stumble onto (literally). His story is one of great interest to collectors and avocationalists everywhere. His struggle to keep this find (he offered up all of the other stuff he found falling out of the site's eroding edges) while sharing information with the city of Austin and the Texas State authorities is something not only to follow, but to lend support to. If Steve loses, everyone loses.... we face a future of unreported sites and under-reporting of finds.

Should the State always follow the letter of the law regardless of intent, or the spirit of the law?
Should the State punish Steve for going public? This is what is pointed out as one reason the pros are mad at him----> even though Steve meant to inspire others to take the same actions he had taken...  has it come down to petty revenge? Shouldn't the State be spending its time stopping erosion at the site? So far, it's been Steve keeping people from looting public property. 

One of Steve's sculptures

Well, we wanted you to get to know this interesting person. Once you've toured this new section of the site, you decide! Air your opinion: It can make a difference! 

This update we offer you an overview of Steve's story, and to be fair, my correspondence with Mark Denton of the Texas Historical Commission.
In coming month's we will publish Steve's tome on Walnut creek and other works.

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