Andy's Collection

South Austin Dirt Brother Andy St. Clair has a HUGE collection of points and tools from the Austin Texas
area and beyond--- we hope that this is only the beginning of what he'll share with us all!

Most of what is shown below was found around the Austin area, much from the Onion site.....

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arkansas.jpg arkansas002.jpg arkansas003.jpg andy004.jpg onionmay04001a.jpg onionmay04002a.jpg
onionmay04003a.jpg onionmay04004a.jpg onionmay04005a.jpg campbend001.jpg campbend002.jpg onion604001.jpg
onion604002.jpg onion604003.jpg onion604004.jpg onion604005.jpg onion604006.jpg onion604007.jpg
onion604008.jpg onion604009.jpg onion604010.jpg onion604011.jpg onion604012.jpg onion604013.jpg
onion604014.jpg onion604015.jpg onion604016.jpg onion604017.jpg andyonionmay04002a.jpg andyonionmay04003.jpg
andyonionmay04004.jpg andyonionmay04004a.jpg andyonionmay04005a.jpg andyonionmay04006a.jpg andyonionmay04007a.jpg andyonionmay04008a.jpg
andyonionmay04009a.jpg andyonionmay04010a.jpg andyrobbie001.jpg andyrobbiemay04001.jpg P1010002.jpg P1010005.jpg