Patrick Baumann: Creekwalking In Missouri
Patrick's been a frequent contributor to the visitor's pages in the past. He and his buddies are active creekwalkers and promise us some interesting tales of the river! Email this fine10 year Dirt Bro member if you've got questions about any of the finds, etc. They'll be presented in the order we receive them!  (Click thumbnails to see enlargement, click browser's back button to return.)
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August 3rd.
Turned big rock over where fresh gravel piled from recent storm and this is what I found. Next Joe found this piece searching the high part of a gravel bar under some shrubbery (Monty Python).
1d1313136_IMG.JPG 1e1313137_IMG.JPG
1f1313138_IMG.JPG 1g1313139_IMG.JPG
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