Randy Brown's Collection

The Pecan Springs Archaeological Site, Kerr County, Texas

Randy Brown owns his own dream-come-true. Interested in archaeology, this one-time TAS member got out of the armed forces and literally begged the owner of the site to sell it to him--- he moved out to the property and has been carefully excavating the site now for years. Occasionally he offers the public a chance to assist him, and for a fee he will teach you some excavation techniques, and provide Dads a chance to camp out with the kids.  As long as you allow him to document your finds, you can take them home.

Randy's kept a vast amount of data from the site in 2 huge notebooks--- he and Dirt Bro Bob plan to publish a paper on the site and get it listed in the Texas Atlas of Archaeological sites.

Randy is now planning to sell the site. He wants to pass it all on to someone who will love and respect the site, and who, if they excavate, will continue to keep data on what's found and where. Approximately 80% of the site remains intact.

As you will see below, he's found a lot of nice artifacts. Study of the site reveals it to have had at least 3 occupational layers, with more possible, as Randy has only been excavating the top 3 layers, down to about 3 feet.

Thanks for sharing with us, Randy! 
Surely, one of the Dirt Brothers would be interested in this property!
For more information, and contact info, Email Randy.
Look for scanned shots of these artifacts and more, soon!

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