Dirt Brothers Gallery Presents
Ron &  Marsha Fowler's Collection
Collection of Ron and Marsha Fowler, South Covington County , AL
4 quartzite “hand axes”; 2 are biface, 2 are uniface.  It has 
been suggested that these are quarry blanks.  The fine 
secondary flaking and edge wear tell me that they were 
actual tools.
CONTEXT:  All items on this page come from a quarter mile span of the 
south bank of the Conecuh River in central Covington County.  This 
section of the river was a significant quartzite quarry site.  An intact 
stratum of quartzite can be found in the upstream riverbed while large 
numbers of  small highly “leached” quartzite boulders can be found in the 
riverbed along the collection site.  All items have been highly displaced by 
wave action and erosion as this location is on the upper end of a 
hydro-electric reservoir developed in the 1930’s.
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