Chris Osier's Collection

"Each one of the arrowheads was found in central Iowa, except for the Hernandez, which I found when I lived in Florida.

I do all my hunting in creekbeds after we have heavy rains here. I have been hunting for approximately 10 years now and I would rather find a nice point than kill a huge buck or anything else.

MVC-001S.jpg MVC-002S.jpg MVC-003S.jpg MVC-004S.jpg MVC-004S1.jpg
MVC-005S.jpg MVC-005S1.jpg MVC-006S.jpg MVC-006S1.jpg MVC-007S.jpg
MVC-007S1.jpg MVC-008S.jpg MVC-008S1.jpg MVC-009S.jpg MVC-009S1.jpg
MVC-010S.jpg MVC-010S1.jpg MVC-011S.jpg MVC-011S1.jpg MVC-012S.jpg
MVC-012S1.jpg MVC-013S.jpg MVC-013S1.jpg MVC-014S.jpg MVC-014S1.jpg
MVC-015S.jpg MVC-015S1.jpg MVC-016S.jpg MVC-016S1.jpg MVC-017S.jpg
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