Dirt Brothers 
Road Trips!
See Lithics from Wimbledon, UK
A Visit to The British Museum, London, UK
Visit the Texas State History Museum, Austin, Texas
Visit CoopnaCave, Peotone & More (Iowa and Illinois)!
  Visit Butser Ancient Farm Open Air Laboratory, UK
Dirt Bro Charles Swenson takes us on a trip to the Utah Wilderness!
Dirt Bro Raul shows us some dramatic sites near Monterrey, Mexico!
We visit the Temple Texas Artifact Show!
  A Visit with the UK's famous Time Team Television Show
  A Visit to The Roman Palace at Fishbourne, UK
  A Visit to Pentre Ifan, a burial chamber near Fishguard, Wales
We visit the Boerne Arrowhead Show, March 20, 2004!
                  Archived:Boerne Arrowhead Show, August 2003
                   Archived: Boerne Show from 2001
  We Visit Dirt Bro Raul in Monterrey, Mexico!
  Dirt Bro Charles Swenson takes us to the Alibates Flint Quarry, Fritch, Texas
  Dirt Bro Charles Swenson takes us to the Panhandle-Plains Museum, Canyon,TX
  We Visit the first KidFest, Devine, TX
  We attend the 2004 STAA Field School in Quihi Texas
Dirt Bro Joe Roberts shows us excavations at Williamsburg, VA

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