Debbie & Terry's Florida Collection

We live in the Panhandle of FL and totally by acquaintance were introduced to surface hunting of artifacts.  We've hunted about 2.5 to 3 years in predominately the same area.  This area, with my very limited knowledge, seems to be significant because of the number of artifacts that we find.  Although not extremely close to the Aucillia river, it can be considered roughly in the same vicinity give or take a 10 to 20 minute ride.  Prior to 3 yrs ago, I had no idea that these pieces of history could be as prevalent as they seem to be.

Our artifacts were found on private property: A large tract that is utilized for hunting by a club.  As well, nothing we found has been taken illegally nor is anything for sale.  The history that we hold in our hands (on a good day) is  worth far more than money to us: Many of them are pieces of art.  I have a greater respect for the past peoples of this area and have found myself doing much to learn and increase my knowledge about them.
Surface-hunting artifacts has become so intriguing my wife and I have begun looking in other areas which have turned up several interesting tools, bottoms and a whole Wacissa.  Just recently we have explored the farm land of a family friend in Alabama which turned up a Bollen Beveled and two pieces that seem to be part of the same artifact.  I would like to think it might be a Simpson or Osceola Greenbriar, but am not sure.

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Editor's Note:
Debbie and Terry are just beginning their careers as collectors and have sent in some pics that are decidedly not artifacts, but are reduction chips... I decided to post them here as well, so that you can see the variety of materials they find, and so that you too, can study these chips. They are both eager to learn more--- so, if you live in Florida, and have any comments on their finds, email them!
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