Dirt Brothers Road Trip
KIDFEST, Devine, Texas
June 26, 2004
Sponsored By
Natalia Stock Show Booster Club & Devine “Friends of Kids”
“Promoting Texas Youth in Agriculture”

On June 26th the Devine “Friends of Kids” and Natalia Stock Show Booster Club hosted its 1st annual  “KidFest” at the Devine Warhorse Stadium. This event raised money for 4-H & FFA kids to help buy their animals at the Medina County Jr. Livestock Auction.

The Dirt Brothers support such activities! As well as donating items for the raffle, Dirt Bros Bob Wishoff and Rupert Wilson paid a visit to the event. We displayed some of Bob's collection and got to meet some great people!

Much thanks goes out to The Half Ash Brothers, especially Joy Moore, who organized the event!
We get a special treat this Road Trip as Half Ash Bros Richard and Clay (also Dirt Brother members!), and also Richard's daughter Fallon showed us their collections! See more at their website (click name above).
We all had a great time and met some awesome folks--- can't wait to visit the next one!

As KidFest organizer, and Dirt Sister Joy Moore puts it:
"We are always looking for supporters to help buy their animals at the Medina County Jr. Livestock
Show in Hondo, Texas. (An annual event.) The auction will take place around the last weekend in January, and all monies collected will support the kids in Medina County and surrounding areas.  We are trying to have annual fundraisers such as "KidFest" to help raise money.  As you may know; many kids that placed last year did not have sponsors and did not get enough money to pay for their expenses to do their agriculture projects.  It was a sad sight.  Most of those kids will eventually quit
participating because they simply cannot afford to take losses investing in their animals, or projects.  It requires too much overhead.  Anything you can do to assist us in raising awareness and helping us raise money is a God-send for these kids.  You know it is all worth it when they send you heart-felt thank yous!"

You can still help these kids by donating to the cause! Click here for details.

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