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May 9, 2000

The Amazing Onion Creek "Mapstone"

Photographed for the first time ever!

This large stone, nearly 2 feet wide, was found in the Onion site some 4 years ago.
Overlooked until the now famous Gault stones were found some 50 miles north of the Onion site,
this stone finally got photographed by the Texas Archaeological Research Lab. 
{{THANKS, TARL! Bob had been trying to photograph this stone for years to no avail.}}
The Gault stones, found on a confirmed paleo site, are inscribed with much the same type 
of symbols, but those stones are are much smaller. Why was this large stone so carefully cared 
for over the milennia? Why was it redrawn or added to centuries, perhaps milennia after it was
originally made?

You cannot truly appreciate this amazing artifact from this lo-rez shot, so we're 
offering a zip file you can download with the entire set of photos taken in different 
lighting, and stored in hi-rez.

What do the symbols mean? Is this a map, or something altogether different?
Have you seen anything like this before?   Email us with your comments!

Download mapstone.zip (approx. 2.5mb)

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