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October 9, 2000

YES!,  We're Still Here!!

Boy have I been busy! Sometimes
I do have to work at my "life-job" but "Flint-head"
that I am, I sure do miss going out diggin' and such.
So, I've been overseas and doing the day-to-day while
collecting together some interesting things for you!

Revisit the Onion Site!
Yep, good stuff's coming out of the destruction as
the dirt settles and erodes away from the rain.
The Dirt Bros check it out and look for some of those
early archaic seams to reappear.

A Peek into a formal site excavation.
We won't tell you where this is, but we will show you
the beginning stages of the excavation.

We visit a nice quarry site near San Antonio,
Quinn takes up on a trip to a flint quarry he's found.

The Boerne Arrowhead Show
A little rained upon, and cold! But we found a few
interesting folks and artifacts to share with you.

AND, don't forget to go to the Visitor's Pages, where
we've got a slew of new submissions.
Also, added this update:
New items from Dogman's collection, and
a new paper in the Editorials section.
Read on, Friend!

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