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November/December  2001
  The weather has definitely been a factor
in what was found out there...

Texas has had some pretty major downpours that have kept this webmaster/digger out of the fields more than he'd like!
But there's some good stuff to report to y'all. Onion's alive again after the rains washed out a lot of what was dozed over... and the ravine's open again! I look for some awesome artifacts to get rescued with this "peel"... some already coming out.... also some great shots from the Boerne arrowhead show.... 

Be sure to check out the first Dirt Brother's Video Search entry on the Gallery Page! I bet there's lot of you who will want to be a part of this exciting project! your video could be included in a Dirt Brothers television series....

And look for the new overdue Visitor's Pages Update!

Enjoy, Friends, and Have a Very Safe and Happy Holiday Season! I'll be back after the New Year with more updates.
And, if you're still stuck for presents--- we've still got some Dirt Bro tees left... why not order one now??

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