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June/July  2001
Okay, so I'm not above using "cute" to start off an update. Couldn't
resist using this picture of Cody and his arrowhead. Doesn't he look proud and a little awed?  There are some folks who think we are teaching our children the wrong things when we show them what's under their feet.... damned if I can see how seeding future Archaeologists with this awe could be anything but good for all.

You know, I looked at some shots of others (adults) holding some just-found point and it seems we all are kind of awed by the whole thing.

I ramble.... ô¿ô

This update's a little light, not the 100+ pages you've gotten used to, but interesting, I hope, anyway. You see, we're continuing to site survey Sam's Place. Looking for bits at the edge of pastures, hiking around a lot, and digging a few test holes hasn't brought up a lot of artifacts, but is is providing us with information that may lead us to more interesting spots. I must say that Sam's Place is an extremely fantastic hike any day.

Anyone venturing out to look for arrowheads knows this part of the hunting. Even when bulldozers trample through a midden, it still takes a person investigating the scene some time to find all of a site's edges and features. Excavation is hard work, and lately, when the weather has been around 100 degrees F, or greater, everyday, the work truly challenges even the most diehard arrowhead fanatic.

I hope you enjoy this little breather from the summer heat wherever you are. Be sure to check out the new Galleries and Visitor's Pages, too.

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