Latest Finds
February- March 2001

A never excavated (although cleared) campsite at Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas.. There is at least one midden feature here,.
A walk in the foreground parking lot can get a lucky hunter some nice points and other lithics.

Hello Friends and fellow Dirt Brothers and Sisters!

This update is full of surprises I hope you will enjoy.

We revisit the Onion, where erosion is allowing some new excavations, catch another glimpse of Krause 
Spring's surface finds, andwhile meeting some new Dirt Bros, go to 2 new sites, one in Pflugerville
and one in San Marcos.

Don't miss the new Gallery Collections and there's a bunch of new Visitor's Pages submissions, too. 
I know you'll enjoy the British Museum special report.

And to top it all off, there are new editorials and some new tools to help you document your 
finds and sites.

It'll all be put up in parts, so keep coming back for what's new!

Oh, yes, I've put in a little more bytes per pic and page in this update.... many have said that they 
are on faster  ISP's now, with more bandwidth.... HOW about sending me email to let me 
know what's what? Am I making the pages load too slow now?????  I aims to please, so let me know!

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