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January/February  2002
Well, I hope you all had a great holiday!  I've got one heck of an update for you this time.... the Onion's hopping with activity, and there's a little side-trip to a nice ranch site courtesy of Backhoe, and a couple shots of construction destruction courtesy of Jeff Johnson.

I'm off on a big Dirt Bros road trip to film Coop's Cave and the Story of Peotone... look for a killer update when I return....

Some of you may notice the larger pics in this update--- many have asked for them now that faster internet connections are common... PLEASE tell me if I've gone overboard and pages load too slow! I'm thinking of adding some video clips to the next update---- let me know if this is a good idea---- I listen to you all!

Remember to set your screen resolution to 1028 x 768 to see all of the site's pages at their intended size. 

A special note!

Here's Bob with Linda and Debbie, John (Dogman) Frump's sisters.
The sisters are returning a corner tang knife to Bob which he had given to John.
John tragically passed away this past November.
Much Thanks to the Frump family!

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