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June/July  2002
The mound we showed you last summer, on Lake Travis started to come out of the water, but Texas floods took care of that quick! We're curious to see if the LCRA will cover this mound, as promised, when it rises again--- and you can bet it will eventually! Future boat ramp???

There's a lot to cover here, so I'm breaking it all into quick bits for you to digest. I've been in England for a month, so, as well as the special Road Trip! article about Butser Ancient Farm you'll find in another section, I've got some more sites for you to see.  I've got some pics from my recent trip to Iowa, visiting Coop's Cave and such, also.... The Dirt Bros have been hunting Walnut Creek and a special site in Dripping Springs.... Also in this update are some vintage Onion finds by Dirt Bro Tim (haven't seen him in awhile!), some o' Dirt Bro Jeff's finds (also updated in his Gallery),  a trip to David Calame's flint knappin' party and some other surprises. So, by all means kick back and enjoy!

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