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Mayy  2002

The Onion, back in February 2000, after the dozers left.

So many of you have asked about the Onion! Well, the story is that someone brought a backhoe into the site, unfortunately really ticking off the quarry owners! I really can't blame the landowners, but for the moment, we are all banned from the site. I'm trying to work something out with the quarry--- time will tell! There's the difficult to solve problem of liability to consider...

Boy, do I ever miss those days rescuing goodies from the Onion!  But I've had precious little time to dig as I've been travelling about filming the first 6 shows of The Original Dirt Brothers TV show--- hopefully you'll soon see this show on your TV and at your local video store! 

So, even though this update isn't "the glory days" in scope, it's still interesting!

Best described as a little of this and little of that, I hope you are still entertained and amused for a little while by it!  Be sure to check out the Visitor's Pages, and the other updates around the site. Since we're in summer-mode, you might want to re-visit the Poison Ivy:The Green Pox section!

Me, I'm off for a return trip to CoopnaCave---- one of the most awesome places I've been priviledged to be able to visit--- I'm hoping the film will allow you all to appreciate this amazing place. So, look for another update, but not until mid-July!

While I'm gone, be sure to send me lots of pics of your finds, and your favorite places to hunt! I'm still looking for more places to film and more collectors to meet... who knows? I might drop by your place and film you and your friends!

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