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September/October 2003

Winter light makes it look as if the tree is turning to stone. Found at Krause Springs, TX

Whew, what a busy last few months! I've been traveling all over the place filming episodes of the Original Dirt Brothers TV shows (the first one is now available for sale via the net-- makes a great holiday gift!) and trying to learn the finer points of using a GPS to map archaeological sites. We are planning to film a 30 minute video to help explain it all to you--- and were going to have a special section on the website also.

If we are to have better relations with professionals, we should at least try to keep a good record of where we find our artifacts. In fact, we can outdo the pros by learning to properly use a GPS, as many pros still do not use them. We should also be taking pics of the stratigraphy and depths in which we find artifacts. In the long run, you will benefit by being able to note patterns in the locations of camps and such. This will make it easier to guess where camps might be being destoyed by development.

If any of you have created good records using a GPS, could you contact me? 

If you haven't already, I also hope you'll visit our membership page and perhaps give me a hand at keeping the site growing. I've finally found some space to grow! Soon the Dirt Brothers will rest on a dedicated server with 40GB of space to grow into! Plenty of room for the site to feed out video, and soon, hopefully house databases of members and a way to sort for partucular artifact types.
This is going to cost something like 90 bucks a month, so please: Become a Dirt Brother as soon as you can!        Enjoy the update!

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