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April - May 2004
147 pages--- Our Largest Update ever!

As you can see above, Progress marches on. Dirt  Bro Travis called me up and told me of this site, which I' visited before with John Voltin. I couldn't believe my eyes! The entire field was cleared down to the ground! Just past the edge of this field showed us another big site we'd never seen before.... This update covers that site, and more... we revisit Robbie's Ranch, Sam's Ranch and save lots of new artifacts from the Onion... read on, my friends!
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April - May 2004 Latest Finds Direct Links:
Latest Onion Creek finds
Dirt Bro Robbie's ranch near Enchanted Rock: 
More from the Water Tank area
See what Progress is destroying.... a report from the 'burbs
Latest Lake Finds
Return To Sam's Johnson City, TX ranch
Krause Springs finds
Manor, Tower, Bell Springs and other finds
We visit Scout Troop 31

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