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The History of People
This odd little link page at will prove to be one of your favorite sites. Contains links to virtually every amateur archaeology related site on the web.

Southern Texas Archaeological Association

Begun by eminent archaeologist Dr. Thomas Hester, this is a group that is now actively seeking collectors! Join up!

Texas Beyond History
Created by the Texas Archaeological Research Lab (TARL) and Texas Archaeological Society, this site marks a new level of communication between scientists and the public! Don't miss this site!!! 
Note, This particular section will answer many of your questions: 
Exploring Burned Rock Middens at Camp Bowie

The Gault Site website... we think this site will prove to be the most inportant paleo site in America!

Stanley Knoll Archaeological Supplies, Inc.
Small, family-run company! Finally, a supplier of centimeter Block Scales, and hand-made field sifters! Trowels, lab equipment  & more, too! 

Central States Archaeological Societies
"Our MISSION is to develop a better understanding among professional and non-professional collectors of archaeological material, students, museums and institutions of learning, and to further this understanding by providing a means of publishing articles of interest by both professional and amateur archaeologists."

Dinosaur Fossil Dating
This site was suggested by a couple of students working with teacher Abby Bledsoe. Archaeologist get tons of questions about dinosaurs... we are kind of quasi-paleontologists... so, here's an interesting link for you all to check out! Much Thanks to Abby and her students for this link!

Invaluable link, getting better all the time.

"the lithics site"
a resource for archaeological lithic analysts

Thetford Forest Archaeology
Paul Brooker single-handedly created this site to attract help for the Thetford Forest Archaeological Survey, which he is spearheading.  The forest, located in the East Anglian district of Breckland, south-east Britain,  encompasses an important UK archaeological site--- The website encourages others to participate in documenting it. A GREAT website to study and emulate! Bravo, Paul!
"We are the non-profit Loveland Archaeological Society, sponsors of the Stone Age Fair in Loveland, Colorado, a cultural institution for the past 64 years that presents programs, exhibits, and lectures by some of Archaeology's most renowned names such as Dr. George Frison, Dr. Dennis Stanford, etc. We present educational programs in schools, museums, libraries, etc. on Native American cultures and archaeology, all free of charge."

Quinn's Arrowheads!
 Dirt Brother Quinn (The Eskimo) Shows off!

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This is a wonderful new site! lots of artifacts and definitely a labor of love.... Visit often!

Stone's Archaeology Pages
Y'all know Stone! His site offers info and artifacts 
for trade only. Lots of Native American info links.

Ted's Indian Arrowheads & Artifacts 
from Comanche Co., Texas
Great collection of a true Texas Gentleman!

Paleoindian & Other Archaeological Stuff
Tons of valuable info from a most knowledgeable source.

THE Place to meet other Hobbyists!
Discussion Groups, Chats, Information and More!

A Projectile Point Use-Wear Bibliography
This site might make your research a bit easier.

Arrowheads, Blades & Knives - The Video
Great video-- I bought one and love to show it.

Massachusetts' Arrowheads
New site with great collection.

Connecticut Arrowheads
New site with growing collection.

Kevin & Catherine's collection
A nice site growing fast!

Let's Get Stoned!
Dave & Audrey's collections! Artifacts from the
Mississippi Valley.

Charles's Artifact Page
Five pages of artifacts from Southern West Virginia 
with more to come soon.

Tennessee Points
Don Everhart's personal finds site is "home of the Bigugly."

Indie's Page o' Points
"My name is Lewis B. "Indiana" Smith and since 1978 I have
collected Texas Indian artifacts and fossils."

Ben's Texas Arrowheads & Fossils
This website is my way of sharing the arrowheads and fossils 
that I have found in Texas over the years.

Arkansas Head Hunters
This is kinda self-explanatory.
"Hi everyone, my name is Dan Simmons and I've been collecting for about 6 yrs.
I live in St.louis Mo. I belong to the Greater St. Louis Archaeological Society and the American Society for Amateur Archaeology. This is my personal site to show you some of the stuff I've found."

Half-Ash Brothers
A hard to describe gallery site.

A Pre-Clovis site in Ohio? Day's Knob in Guernsey County, Ohio is explored by Alan Day. Could this be another pre-clovis site? You make up your own mind. Alan has some interesting theories, too!! An thought-provoking site!

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