The Dirt Brothers get lots of questions about display cases. I've known Tony Dulini for years and personally buy his cases. Tony has agreed to give you all some advice.

Take care of those artifacts! Get them out of those cigar and shoe boxes and into proper cases!
Bob Wishoff, webmaster

Tony Dulini's Case Study
  There are as many different display case designs as there are display case builders. 

To consistently get good display cases over the years:

1. Select a case builder who consistently attends arrowhead shows;

2. Select a consistently built size that the builder regularly produces--   12" x 18" x 2" is the industry standard;

3. Select a wood type consistently produced by the builder;

4. Consider the possiblility of purchasing display case racks made of the same type of 
wood as the display cases. These case racks simplify storage and display.

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