Dirt Brothers Road Trip:

The Panhandle-Plains Historical Society

Dirt Bro Charles Swenson, brings us a sequel to his great coverage of the Alibates Quarry with this
photo collection of artifacts from the Panhadle Plains Museum. Thanks Again, Charles!
The Panhandle-Plains Historical Society was the first state museum in Texas, opening in it's current location, in Canyon, Texas, in April of 1933, and is still the state's largest historical museum.  Although the majority of it's exhibits range from a hall devoted to windmills (with a full scale working model) to the petroleum industry, 19th Century settlement and local paleontology, there is also an excellent exhibit of the wide range of local lithic arifacts, with a special emphasis on Alibates flintwork and other regional pre-columbian sites. 

The exhibits are unusually well labeled and nicely displayed.   It allows many of these photos to literally speak for themselves.  

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