Diggin' for Data
Research at the Brown Site: 41KR21

The Lab Work

We spent nearly 2 months counting snails and flint chips! 
Anyplace can make a good lab... here we used my back yard.
Everyone loves the digging at a site, and the thrill of finding the unknown, but the real work is done in the lab, after the dig. In our case, since we want to publish as soon as possible, and to make salient observations while in the field, we've tried to keep up with the lab work "as-we-go".

All of the sifted materials must be sorted and counted. This is the very first step in the lab work. In addition, any soil samples must be floatation sifted, and charcoal samples must be analysed.

Then, all artifacts must be catalogued, measured and photographed.

We will try to show you each step as we process through them. 
This section will be modified over the course of the investigation!

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