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41 KR 21
Artifact Log
Artifact#(siteUnit#Level#-00n) Artifact Description Depth length width (widest point) width (narrowest) distal midsection base weight
UAL1-001 stemmed projectile fragment 8cm 40mm 32mm 6mm 9.45g
UAL2-001 arrow point, missing base (Perdiz?) 15cm 37mm 19.5mm 4.25mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 1.4g
UAL2-002 dart point fragment, poss Langtry-Arenosa 18cm 44mm 31mm 6.5mm 8mm 5mm 9.4g
UAL2-003 flint core, with cortex 18cm 86mm 64mm 59mm 40mm 288g
UAL3-001 triangular knife 30cm 51mm 38.5mm 24mm 5mm 7mm 5mm 17g
UAL3-002 near circular turtleback scraper 30cm 64.5mm 60mm 55mm 22mm 77.4g
UAL3-s001 teardrop arrow point (preform?) 29.5mm 11mm 6.5mm 2mm 3mm 1.5mm 1g
UAL3-s002 sm. Stemmed projectile (Caracara?)- sifted 32.5mm 16.5mm 5mm 2.5mm 5mm 3mm 2.6g
UAL3-s003 frag. of preform- sifted 61mm 51mm 35mm 15mm 35.3g
UAL3-s004 biface fragment- sifted 42.5mm 35.5mm 21mm 5.25mm 6mm 9.5g
UAL3-NIP-001 core (not on unit plan) not recorded 81.5mm 90mm 34.5mm 169.7g
UAL3-NIP-002 circular preform/scraper (not on unit plan) not recorded 61.5mm 75mm 20mm 112.3g
UAL4-001 Pedernales, missing distal end 31cm 83mm 40mm 18mm 9mm 6mm 27.5g
UAL4-002 triangular scraper 33cm 56mm 40mm 17mm 5mm 10mm 4.5mm 19.25g
UAL4-003 Marcos, missing distal end 32cm 60mm 48mm 16mm 6.5mm 4.5mm 17.4g
UAL4-004 triangular knife (?) 32cm 60mm 38mm 10mm 4mm 8mm 2.5mm 17.2g
UAL4-005 Marshall dart point 34cm 65mm 40.5mm 6mm 3mm 7mm 6mm 15.7g
UAFA-001 flint core/cobble 35cm 97mm 78mm 44mm 418.2g
UAFA-002 flint core/cobble 35cm 95mm 98.5mm 32mm 396.9g
UAFA-003 flint core/cobble 35cm 60mm 81mm 42mm 232.2g
UAFA-004 flint core/cobble 35cm 120mm 54mm 47.5mm 296.7g
UAFA-005 flint core/cobble 35cm 106.5mm 81mm 47mm 507.5g
UAL4-006 oval knife half 31cm 61.5mm 36.5mm 35mm 7mm 4mm 23.4g
UAL4-007 Bulverde point 40cm 63mm 34.5mm 4mm 3mm 7mm 4.8mm 10.9g
UAL4-008 Lange point 40cm 79mm 38.5mm 3.5mm 1.5mm 6mm 7.5mm 17.3g
UAL4-s001 Nolan/Zorra projectile, missing distal tip- sifted 71.5mm 31.5mm 6mm 5mm 6.5mm 6mm 16.5g
UAL4-s002 Frio fragment (missing distal end)- sifted 30mm 29mm 22mm 6mm 5mm 6.3g
UAL4-s003 dart point fragment, 2/3 missing- sifted 36.5mm 24mm 5mm 4mm 6.2g
UAL4-s004 biface fragment- sifted 46.5mm 37mm 7mm 12.9g
UAL4-s005 biface fragment, very thin, early flaking- sifted 41mm 26mm 4mm 3.82g
UAL4-s006 lg knife base/preform poss. frag of #s007- sifted 72mm 71mm 24mm 8mm 7mm 39.89g
UAL4-s007 lg knife distal end/preform poss. frag of #s006- sifted 63.5mm 41.5mm 2.5mm 7mm 19g
UAL5-001 poss Tortugas 42cm 53mm 31mm 4.5mm 3.5mm 7.5mm 3mm 10.45g
UAL5-002 Pedernales frag- missing from inventory 47cm
UAL5-003 flake blade- missing from inventory 42cm
UAL5-004 large preform tip 42cm 83.5mm 53mm 5mm 2mm 13.5mm 52.9g
UAL6-001 sm dart point frag-- type unknown 50cm 43mm 26mm 7mm 4.8mm 7g
UAL6-002 Nolan (?), serrated, thick, early flaking 55cm 67mm 29mm 3.5mm 2mm 10mm 5mm 17.8g
UAL6-003 triangular/oval knife 55cm 67.5mm 38.5mm 8.5mm 2mm 11mm 2mm 25.2g
UAL7-001 midsection poss re-worked into tool-- assoc w 001a 62cm 13mm 52mm 7.5mm 9.2g
UAL7-001a Angostura fragment, assoc w 001 62cm 64mm 37mm 25mm 7mm 4mm 19.35g
UAL7-002 poss early side-notched stemmed projectile 68cm 67mm 27.5mm 9.5mm 2mm 8mm 2.5mm 22.7g
UAL7-003 poss early side-notched stemmed projectile 62cm 59mm 27mm 4mm 2mm 6mm 3mm 7g
UAL7-004 poss early side-notched stemmed projectile ~62cm 45mm 26mm 2mm 2mm 6.5mm 2mm 7.3g
Artifact#(siteUnit#Level#-00n) Artifact Description Depth length width (widest point) width (narrowest) distal midsection base weight
UCL1-001 Pedernales base… missing from inventory 10cm
UCL3-001 large knife tip biface 24cm 79mm 40mm 11mm 2.5mm 8mm 24.1g
UCL3-002 flint core/cobble not recorded 95mm 69mm 52mm 364.3g
UCL3-s001 unidentified bifurcated base projectile, tip gone- sifted 40.5mm 22.5mm 13.5mm 5mm 3mm 5.5g
UCL3-s002 unidentified sm. barbed projectile missing tip- sifted 30mm 30mm 5mm 2mm 4.2g
UCL4-001 large bifacial preform 30cm 95mm 50mm 9.5mm 4mm 13mm 7mm 60.6g
UCL4-002 Pedernales projectile missing tip 34cm 69.5mm 32mm 10mm 4.5mm 7.5mm 5mm 14.9g
UCL4-003 flint core/cobble 25-30cm 90mm 79mm 52mm 389.9g
UCL4-004 Castroville, uncompleted, missing tip 34cm 77mm 48.5mm 10mm 3.5mm 9mm 3mm 30.8g
UCL4-005 large biface tip 35cm 71mm 44mm 5mm 2mm 6mm 21.5g
UCFA-001 Marshall dart point 40cm 70mm 40.8mm 2mm 2mm 9mm 5mm 19.9g
UCFA-002 flint core 35cm 105.5mm 62.5mm 53mm 22.5mm 155.2mm
UCFA-003 scraper tool 38cm 60mm 70.5mm 25mm 99.2g
UCFA-004 flint oval preform 36cm 100.5mm 55.5mm 16.5mm 114.4g
UCL4-006 Pedernales knife 40cm 91mm 51mm 5mm 2.5mm 9mm 4.5mm 34.8g
UCL4-007 Pedernales projectile translucent "honey" flint 40cm 84mm 34mm 3mm 1.5mm 6mm 6mm 13.9g
UCL4-008 Castroville fragment, missing distal end 37cm 48mm 51mm 8mm 5mm 23g
UCL4-009 large preform 35cm 143.5mm 97mm 32.5mm 10mm 19mm 18mm 361.7g
UCL4-s001 bifacial preform tip 60mm 42.5mm 11mm 3mm 8mm 16g
UCL4-s002 flint core/cobble- sifted 93mm 102mm 36mm 408.5g
UCL4-s003 flint core/cobble- sifted 61mm 62mm 43mm 237.7g
UCL4-s004 flint core/cobble- sifted 84mm 74mm 42mm 271g
UCL4-s005 flint core/cobble- sifted 96mm 87mm 35mm 291.6g
UCL5-001 thin Pedernales frag. Missing distal end 42cm 68mm 42mm 32mm 6mm 5mm 18.7g
UCL5-002 Pedernales (?) unusual flaking pattern 40cm 73mm 47mm 2mm 2mm 7.5mm 9mm 22g
UCL5-003 projectile distal end 45cm 52mm 22mm 2mm 2mm 6mm 7.2g
UCL5-004 untyped stemmed side-notched projectile 42cm 64mm 30.5mm 6mm 2mm 7mm 6mm 11.3g
UCL5-005 La Jita projectile 46cm 57mm 21mm 2mm 2mm 6mm 5mm 10.3g
UCL5-s001 La Jita projectile frag, missing tip- sifted 38.5mm 31.5mm 25mm 9mm 3mm 10.38g
UCL5-s002 untyped projectile frag, missing distal end- sifted 28.5mm 35mm 7.5mm 3.5mm 6.38g
UCL6-001 untyped stemmed projectile frag, missing tip 50cm 69.5mm 28.5mm 10mm 5mm 8mm 6mm 16.35g
UCL6-s001 poss Golondrina (?) frag missing tip/base ear- sifted 49mm 27mm 10mm 3mm 7.5mm 5mm 9g
UCL6-s002 unifacial scraper/knife 67mm 50mm 9mm 5mm 14mm 8.5mm 36.5g
UCL6-s003 Pedernales base 46.5mm 37mm 8.5mm 4mm 13.3g
UCL7-001 untyped stemmed knife, missing distal end 60cm 80mm 45mm 8mm 5mm 29.8g
UCL7-002 oval preform/tool 62cm 92.5mm 61mm 25mm 7.5mm 25mm 12mm 126.6g
UCL7-003 preform fragment 61cm 69mm 85.5mm 19mm 96.7g

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