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Investigations at Pecan Springs (41KR21)

Here, Units A & C are covered to protect them from the elements

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Become a Volunteer, Help us with our digs, and Learn to dig like a pro!
Though we'd love to have card-carrying Dirt Brothers & Sisters out there in the field with us, 
we want to invite anyone who visits the Dirt Brothers website and reads this to come out and have some fun with us---> we'll teach you how to dig like a pro and become a responsible collector! and show you what you're missing, and it's free of charge! 

If you've got a group, such as the scouts, or any group of interested folks who want to learn even more, we can create a curriculum for you, a Beginners Course in Fieldwork for what amounts to a small donation per person. We can tailor a couple of days to your needs, as for a Boy Scout Merit Badge. We invite children ages 8 and up, and all adults. Fieldwork is of varying physical intensity, so there's room for all types of people. We can host groups up to 25, 7 days a week, and suggest a 2-day curricula: One day for excavation work and one day for lab work. Your group will be credited for their efforts within any publication of the research.

We can use individual volunteers almost any day of the week. Bob'll generally knock off anything else he's got to do just about any day he gets a crew of 3 or 4 to work the excavation.

Email Bob to volunteer!

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