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A Visit with Raul Quintanilla near Monterrey, Mexico
Here is the sunset in the west side of the Icamole Valley.
Dear Friends,
I live in Monterrey, Mexico, actually near Monterrey about 30 miles is a place named Mina. Near here there is a large area that is covered with large artifacts and petroglyphs. Scientists recently dated a fireplace in this area as 8000 years old. There is a protected area nearby in Boca De Potrerillos with a museum. surrounding this area are more than 200 sites left unprotected and artifacts wash out of the sites everyday. I have found over 40 points: some seem old , some do not. I am hoping that someone visiting this site will help me identify the type and age of them.

Thank You,
Raul Quintanilla

I wrote back to Raul, and asked him to send in pictures and some other stuff--- His reply:

Bob, thanks for your answer.

First I will send to you different photos of the places:
it is a valley in the desert, all rounded whit mountains, to reach this place is very easy because there are a lot of paved trails. 
Then there is the wild trail were a pick up truck or a jeep will be better with a good replacement set of tires because of the
spines of  cactus.  Last time I had a flat, the petroglyphs are sculped  in the rocks at the mountains and small hills. The ones in the mountains are the most difficult to reach becuse of the cactus and other plants and the difficulty of the climb

Of course I never take any rocks from the protected areas! Those are like sacred testimonials of those people! The proctected areas are respected all the time! The arrow points I pick up were outside, in the whole valley. Some of them were traded for clothes or food with the valley inhabitants ( about 20 children and 10 adults):  They are really poor:  They survive in this desert by miracle.

Thank You,
Raul Quintanilla

I hope you enjoy Raul's Valley..... email him if you've got comments. I'm sure he'd like to hear from you:  Email Raul

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