Dirt Brothers Road Trip:

We Attend the STAA 2004 Field School
July 24 - August 1, 2004
Wow, what a lucky dog I was! I enjoyed, this, the first Field School I ever attended. (My wife gave it to me as an anniversary present.) I learned more in the 9 days I was there than I had in the last 10 years. The environment was friendly and all my dumb questions were answered with patience and enthusiasm. I WILL attend again next year---- you should too! I hope you enjoy this little journal of my experiences there.Thanks to all who sent me their pictures to use here.
Bob Wishoff


Fieldwork was be focused at two prehistoric sites, 41ME132 and 41ME133. Both sites have important data related to the chronology of prehistoric occupation in the Quihi Creek drainage.  Artifacts from one site go back to at least 10,000 years ago,  with recurring occupation continuing up to early Historic times.  The STAA project area also offered opportunities to survey and record new sites and to document some local artifact collections.  Thus, the field school provided the participant with experience in several aspects of archaeological research.

Located north of US Highway 90, between Hondo and Castroville, the Quihi locale is easily accessible. 

The field school was directed by Dr. Thomas R. Hester.  David Calame oversaw the site survey program.  Skip Kennedy provided logistical and operations oversight.  Sue Turner directed the laboratory work. 

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