Road Trip
A Visit with the UK's Famous Time Team television show!
July 2003
I've been singing the praises of  The Time Team for years and years! 
Unfortunately for us here in the US, this hit Channel 4 UK show hasn't been available for viewing here until recently, and then only a few episodes on the History International Channel (Wednesdays 8pm Central Time). The Time Team is a revolutionary show:  Challenged with a deadline of  three days, this team excavates sites found in the backyards of folks all over England, as well as sites under parking lots, etc. and National Heritage sites. This show pushes the boundaries of archaeology outward and invites public participation in the science while at the same time insisting on adherence to formal methodologies! 

Recently, the Time Team sponsored an event called The Big Dig--- they got 1300 people to dig a pit in their backyards and participate in a vast cataloguing of archaeological resources in the UK. This controversial event garnered a 20% audience share in Britain!!! 

You simply MUST visit the Time Team website to get some background on this amazing show! AND, now, for the first time,  we find that the Time Team is coming to America! WGBH is planning an American version of the show next year! So, look out! Archaeology in America will never be the same! Enjoy!

An Interview with Tim Taylor, Time Team Executive Producer
An Interview with Tony Robinson, emminent actor and Time Team Host
A Visit with Victor Ambrus, Time Team artist
Inside Views of a Time Team shoot!

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