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January/February 2002

You've sent in so many great finds this month!
(By the way, remember you can write to the Dirt Bros who've
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From Dirt Bro Todd Barnes in Virginia:
(Todd wants you to note that "except for about 10% of the items, which were found in Arizona, the rest were found at his home in VA)

"The file labeled whole drawer contains points and things I've pretty much found in the past five years on the family farm since I got
out of the Army in 1996, except for the lower right hand corner of the picture.  Those things were found in Arizona around Sierra Vista. (Hohocam, Anasasi, etc).  Notice the "donut".  My wife found that and we took it to the U of Arizona.  They didn't even know what it was.  Theories, planting implement, target, who knows?

The bone points were found in a midden site behind my house.  Dad bought a switch plow four years ago and it was able to go down 6 inches deeper than anything has ever gone on the farm.  Lots of bones and oyster shells.  I left the bones (human).  My wife is half American Indian and I don't want anyone or anything visiting me at night because I disturbed them.ha ha.  Notice the bear claw.  Perfectly preserved.  Also, the large shell bead.  I also find a lot of colonial stuff, too.

People have lived on the farm for a long time.  The Arizona file is stuff I found while stationed at Ft. Huachuca, Az.  The dove-tail barbed
point is the without a doubt the nicest piece I've ever found.  Not a flaw.  I was offered 800 dollars for it by a guy who had not even seen it.  As far as I'm concerned, they're all priceless.  I'll give you an arrowhead but I'll be damned if I'll sell any.  It just isn't right."

 Todd Barnes

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