Road & Film Trip
A Visit to Iowa and Illinois
March 2002

Bob and Gary in front of CoopnaCave--- if you look close behind our heads,
you'll just see the cave's small entrance. Man, it was cold out there!
Well, I'm doing it: Making a film about you, the Dirt Brothers &
Dirt Sisters out there! 

Fellow Dirt Bro Gary and I ventured up to Iowa and visited CoopnaCave and The Cherba Family, then drove over to Peotone to visit with Margo Hupe and her airport fightin' neighbors. 

We shot some great video, which I've edited and am taking to
London --- I'll be gone thru the end of April. Look for some real short clips to be added to the website soon. In the meantime, whet your thirst with some interesting stills I've prepared for you to enjoy!  Also, for more goodies, be sure to check the CoopnaCave site too for Jeff's more detailed update, filled with some great shots we took during my visit! And, on the Peotone site, you'll get to read about the Anomaly!   Send me your comments!

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