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is happening to the land they lived on 1000's of years ago.

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Most of the arrowheads you will see here have been never been exhibited on the web before and 

NONE were dug at public lands or ANY protected site---Don't be a history vandal!
There are enough sites being destroyed by progress to salvage and document!
 Don't dig pristine sites--- document and save them for the future.

The museum-quality blade
above (near 6 inches) is a
Lerma Round Base,
over 7500 years old.


Learn to your heart's content!

Respect the history under your feet!



Look around your neck-of-the-woods and you'll see development taking the land into tomorrow.
Campsites and other more temporary archaeological sites are being sacrificed. There is simply not enough
money to save them all from what may be the future for all such sites, especially waterfront properties. 

Look around--- if you see a site under construction that might contain artifacts, do what you can to create cooperation between the developer and authorities. If this cannot happen, we Dirt Brothers, support the saving of artifacts and information from destruction. This is what this site is all about--- save what you can and document what you find whenever possible. Share your finds with the folks around you and raise consciousness.

Let the Dirt Brothers help you create a better and more realistic relationship with the professionals and developers in your area. Let us help you protect your rights to pursue and practice science. Let us help you, the honest collector, to identify the true vandals who are both compromising your freedom to collect, and destroying a heritage that belongs to us all. Let us help you become more than a mere collector of things-- archaeology is about how people lived and what they did, day to day-- the artifacts are just a piece of that puzzle.

If you are interested in excavation of ancient sites, go to a field school or volunteer to help at a Dirt Brothers dig. Learning to do-it-right is the next step past merely collecting things. It's easy and fun! Something the entire family can participate in!

Learn to your heart's content!
Respect the history under your feet!

The Dirt Brothers will donate webspace and creative work for anyone wanting to showcase the dilemma of development where archaeological sites occur on a case-specific level. We will also donate space for the showcasing of interesting artifacts, either individually, or by collection.

Stand up and be counted! The majority of the public wants to learn more, wants to work side-by-side with professionals at saving and recording history. Let's redefine looting and isolate those who would, by their actions, make our pursuit illegal. 

Let's define ethical collecting for the world!

A good day's find.

Visit the past with The Dirt Brothers!
Think of it---- 
many artifacts you will see on this site were made before the Egyptian pyramids:
What was life like for these early North American peoples? Archaeology is about what people did day to day-- it's learning about how they lived.

The point to the left is a 4" Pedernales and is at least 3500 years old.

Digging the bottom of an eroded hillside. Dirt Brother 
Keith, came over from the UK in 1997 to help us rescue artifacts from the  Onion Creek site,  which is still being quarried into oblivion. Unfortunately, Keith passed away in 2005... we will all miss his enthusiasm, intellect and postitive personality.
You Can Help Rescue Artifacts & Ancient Sites!
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This beautiful little translucent Pedernales point has a tip called a "Donaha". It's amazing that it's not broken after 2000 years. When held up to a light small fossils can be seen in the flint. This is not really an arrowhead, but a dart tip for an atlatl, as seen below, an ancient weapon similar to a spear, tipped with a dart.

Atlatl thrower

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